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Eat organic at home, nothing could be simpler with our expertise and our know-how for cultivation in a desert environment.

Grow your organic food in your garden is the best way to consume, the garden will be used as a fridge, when you need you harvest and eat straight away! No lost of vitamins and minerals!
Educational, as we need to connect our kids to nature, teach our kids how to grow their own food is more than a priority. The product they grow can be connected to many other activities, from the seeds harvest to cooking in the kitchen!

Image de Leigh Skomal

Garden Villa

Image de Lewis Wilson

Garden Rooftop / Terrace

Cuisinier finalisant la présentation de son plat

Restaurant Garden

Image de Sandie Clarke

School Garden

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 Harvesting your own organic fruits and vegetables at home has never been easier than with Myfarmdubai.

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