Discover our healthy infusions, harvested from our organic farm in Dubai :


Olive Leaves ( 10g ) :

It is excellent for blood circulation problems,Olive leaf extract helps promote diuresis.

Thanks to its antioxidant action, improves cholesterol problems.


Lemon Leaves ( 10g ) :

Consumed as an infusion, are calming, antispasmodic and digestive. The infusion of lemon leaves

has a sedative and antispasmodic effect. It is invigorating, calms the nerves and helps to regain sleep.


Purple Basil Leaves  ( 10g ) :

It has sedative properties that make it recommended against insomnia and anxiety as well as in case of dizziness and migraines of nervous origin. It is also good anti-inflammatory,

it is sudorific and facilitates digestion.


Chast Tree Leaves ( 10g ) :

Powerful antispasmodic, chaste tree regulates the female cycle and helps fight against disorders related to premenstrual syndrome .

Is also very effective for menstruation pain .

(uterine spasms, breast pain).


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