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Experience the Ease of Organic Living with Myfarmdubai's Home Garden Installation

Imagine enjoying fresh, organic produce right in the comfort of your own home. At Myfarmdubai, we specialize in bringing the magic of organic gardening to your doorstep, even in the challenging desert environment.


Our prices start from 4,500 AED for a 15m2 area, and this includes all the essential elements for your garden, including the automatic irrigation system, fertile soil, seeds, and plants. Fruit trees are the only additional items, starting from 499 AED. With this all-inclusive offer, you can create your own organic oasis at home without the hassle or financial worries. Transform your villa into a lush green haven today!


We also cater to larger areas, so clients are encouraged to reach out to us for customized solutions tailored to their specific needs


Furthermore, investing in your own organic home garden also provides valuable food security. As food prices continue to rise due to inflation, having a consistent supply of fresh produce grown in your own garden becomes a reliable source of food.

This allows you to reduce your dependence on grocery stores and provides peace of mind knowing that you have access to healthy, organic food regardless of the state of the economy. It's an investment in your long-term health and well-being while also contributing to reducing your ecological footprint.


Our comprehensive service covers every aspect of home garden installation, turning your villa into a lush oasis of organic delights. From preparing fertile organic soil and providing heirloom seeds to setting up a precise irrigation system and even transporting additional trees, we handle it all with expertise and care.


Growing your own organic food at home is not only convenient but also the healthiest choice. Your garden essentially becomes a living fridge, all