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Infusion box 123 , Our 3 star infusions in a gift box :


1. Calm :

Licorice root, Fennel seeds ,Hibiscus flower,Sage leaves,Balm leaves , Lavender Flowers , Chamomille flowers , Coriander seeds , Rosemary leaves , Essential oil of lavender.


2. Digestive :

Carvi seeds, Melissa leaves,Fennel seeds ,Essential oil of Anis,Basil leaves.


3. Detox :

Dry apple , Lemongrass leaves,Hibiscus leaves , Nettle leaves ,Essential oil of Grapefruit, Lemon leaves.


To drink hot or cold, Usage tips :

For a 250 ml cup, infuse a teaspoon of infusion (2gr) in water at 95º for 5 to 7 minutes. Filter and serve.It is also possible to choose the cold version of this infusion. To do this, let it cool before refrigerating it.

Another way to prepare it, for a milder version, is to let it steep for 2 to 3 hours at room temperature.


Myfarmdubai is a pioneering brand of premium natural infusions, offers a collection of unique herbal blends rich in taste and goodness, harvested organically from our farm in the United Arab Emirates. A quality of the raw materials, a refinement of the mixtures, a gustatory subtlety that invite you to daydream.


Because turning to the essentials and finding meaning is now a priority, Myfarmdubai recalls the importance of a return to nature and its benefits thanks to carefully selected products, Local, Organic manufacturing and eco-friendly packaging. -designed.


The Brand Creator:

For Mohamed Aissaoui, CEO & Founer of myfarmdubai "Bring herbal teas into your life" it was the moments shared with his grandmother around steaming cups that very early forged his passion for herbs, flowers, fruits, beautiful mixtures. Since then, the “infusion” moment has always been precious to him.


Myfarmdubai, a brand he created in 2018, offers a collection of infusions from dried plants harvested organically in the United Arab Emirates.

A real lifestyle choice, that of offering naturally healthy products because doing good on the inside is seen on the outside.


An infused life that resonates as the promise of a healthier, more balanced, happier life.

Infusion box 123 , Our 3 star infusions in a gift box

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