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A healthy and ecological home means that you use products that respect your health and the environment on a daily basis.


20 aed / Liter.

Our in-house laundry range consists of liquid detergent produced with our 100% Organic and Vegan soap, Made in Dubai.

A desire to reduce, to get back to basics and more transparency. We are convinced that a return to simpler formulations is the best thing we can do to preserve our planet.

Ideal for the whole family even for babies because without essential oil. Conventional detergents contain many toxic substances.

Conventional detergents are formulated from numerous chemical molecules and aggressive surfactants.
Beyond the dangers of washing powder on the environment, we also expose our health since the laundry residues that persist on our laundry are in direct contact with our skin: Irritations, eczema, redness ... sensitive skin is put to the test with laundry residue.

Avoid all of this by switching to Organic laundry.

Laundry Cleaner 100 % Organic

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