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Organic and Vegan Laundry  Liquid Detergent: A Healthy and Ecological Choice for Your Home


Elevate your daily routine with our 100% Organic and Vegan Liquid Detergent.

At My Farm Dubai, we believe in fostering a healthy and ecological home by providing products that prioritize your well-being and respect the environment.


Our in-house laundry range is meticulously crafted with our own organic and vegan soap, proudly Made in Dubai. With a commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting transparency, we advocate for a return to simpler formulations to preserve our planet.


This gentle yet effective liquid detergent is ideal for the entire family, including babies, as it is free from essential oils.

Unlike conventional detergents that often contain toxic substances, our organic alternative avoids the use of harmful chemical molecules and aggressive surfactants.


Make the switch to Organic Laundry to safeguard both the environment and your health. Conventional detergents not only pose risks to the planet but also expose your skin to potential irritations, eczema, and redness caused by lingering laundry residues.


As a bonus, contribute to our eco-friendly initiative: return the glass bottle with your next order and enjoy a special discount.


Join us in embracing a cleaner, greener, and healthier way of living.

Order your Organic and Vegan Liquid Detergent today!



Laundry Liquid Detergent Cleaner 100 % Organic

PriceFrom AED24.50
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