100% Natural & 100% biodegradable

- Deep clean naturally
- Naturally sustainable
- neutral pH
- Leaves skin revitalized and pores tightened
- Ideal for all types of skin even hypersensitive or with eczema or psoriasis


How to use loofah (loofa ou luffa) ?

The loofa makes it possible to perform a gentle peeling and to exfoliate the roughest parts of the body (elbows etc.) but can be used on the whole body.
The loofa should be moistened to become a little more supple and should be used with a bio-soap. To optimize the action of the loofa, the gestures must be of different kinds according to the parts of the body:
- For better efficiency, the glove is used starting with circular movements of the lower body to gradually move up to the legs and belly. These gestures will stimulate circulation to the heart.
- For the belly, make circular movements.

After using loofa, do not forget to moisturize your skin. The action of the glove of loofa will allow a better efficiency of your cares for the body.

How often do you use loofa?
The frequency of use of loofa will depend on your skin type. It can be used daily on the roughest parts.
For some more sensitive parts, it is better to space the use of loofa once a week to prevent them from getting irritated and drying up.

What are the beneficial effects of loofa?
The use of loofa makes it possible to act on many points. Thus, the loofa gives an incredible sensation of well-being and your skin breathes better!

Cleansing your skin with a loofa will beautify it by giving it more flexibility. Its deep action helps to improve blood circulation and reduce the formation of fat deposits.

- Loofa stimulates blood circulation
- gently exfoliates the skin and so softens the skin. The loofa removes any fatty effect of the skin and all impurities.
- it eliminates dead skin
- your skin regains its elasticity
- in autumn, loofa gum your skin when your tan has tarnished or yellowed at the end of summer.
- in the spring it will allow your skin to regain its radiance. Winter is indeed a season where the skin becomes more sensitive to external aggressions, especially cold.
- The use of the loofah glove is also ideal to prepare your skin for hair removal. It gently removes hair under the skin. The advantage is that it reduces the unpleasant sensation of "tearing" during hair removal.
- the penetration of your cosmetic care is much better.
 The Egyptian loofa thus enjoys a better reputation. It is also generally used in beauty salons and spas and hammams.
For the face, the loofah also exists in the form of small disks like those used to remove make-up. So you can take them wherever you are.
 However, be careful, the face is a very sensitive part, avoid the eye area. You can apply a cleansing milk on your discs.

Maintenance of loofa:
At the end of its use, the loofa must be rinsed and dried properly.