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Bring a touch of authenticity to your kitchen with our ancient wheat flour ( 500, 1kg) , carefully cultivated in the United Arab Emirates and environmentally friendly.


 Why Choose Our Ancient Whole Wheat Flour?

  •  Local Sourcing: Grown in the United Arab Emirates, our ancient wheat is a local product, offering a distinctive flavor and supporting local agriculture.


  •  Organic Certification: Our ancient whole wheat flour is certified organic, ensuring it's cultivated without harmful pesticides or chemicals.


  •  Gluten-Free: Suitable for those with gluten sensitivities, our ancient wheat flour provides a healthy and delicious option for a variety of recipes.


 Health and Flavor Benefits:

  •  Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential nutrients, our ancient wheat flour offers a more nutritious option compared to refined flours.


  •  Authentic Flavor: With its characteristic taste and slightly rustic texture, our ancient wheat flour adds depth of flavor to your creations.


  •  Consistent Results: Ideal for artisanal baking and pastry, our ancient wheat flour ensures consistent and delicious results every time.


🛒 Order Now! Experience the difference with our ancient wholewheat flour and elevate your recipes to unique culinary masterpieces.


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🌾 MyFarm Dubai's Ancient Whole Wheat Flour

PriceFrom AED19.50
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