The best fresh Organic Vegetables in our Box.

100% from our Local Organic Farm.


To keep our products as much fresh as possible, We harvest and prepare the box 1hour before you collect your box at the Farm.


Cut & Eat, No fridge!

No lost of vitamins and minerals.


Based in Dubai Khawaneej, we will share you the location details after the order.


Our Veggies are growing in our special organic fertile soil,  giving an incredible taste to our Heirlooms varities. Taste isGuarantee!!!


We select the best of what's available during the season for you and your family:

- Sidr Honey

- Infusion tea

- Dry chilli

- Spirulina

- Dry Lemon

- Medicinal Herbs

- Tomato

- Cherry Tomato

- Carrots

- Parsley

- Red amaranth

- Turnip

- Beetroots

- Radish

- Corn

- Pechey

- Coriander

- Lettuce

- Rocket

- Baby spinach

- Dill

- Basil special


Total 9 Kg


All our Varities are Heirloms and from our own production.

If one variety is not available, we will replace it.

Myfarmdubai Fresh Organic Box 9 Kg


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