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🌱 Welcome to Myfarmdubai – Your Source for Organic French Lettuce Seeds 🌱

In a world where the tradition of passing down seeds as cherished treasures has faded, Myfarmdubai revives the spirit of heritage by offering a collection of Organic French Lettuce Seeds.

Our seeds, like the treasures of the past, are specially adapted to the unique terroir of the United Arab Emirates, ensuring a bountiful harvest and fostering resilience for your family.


Embracing the legacy passed down by our ancestors, Myfarmdubai founder drew inspiration from the seeds provided by their Grandfather. With years of adaptation to the climate of the UAE, these seeds have evolved to thrive in the local environment.


At Myfarmdubai, we take pride in curating seeds that tell the life story of the plants that bore them. Our seeds carry within them the essence of their origin – the type of soil, climate, resilience against diseases, and responses to varying water conditions.

This ensures that the seeds you receive are not just generic; they are uniquely attuned to your specific climatic context and gardening practices.


In today's fast-paced world, accessing such carefully transmitted seeds is a rarity. Many of us head to garden centers or specialized stores for seeds, forgetting that even organic seeds may have originated from plants that grew in completely different pedoclimatic conditions.

Planting these seeds in a different context may lead to disappointment, as they may not reach their full potential.


Myfarmdubai eliminates the guesswork by offering seeds that are not only organic but also tailored to thrive in the local environment. Our goal is to provide you with seeds that will flourish, allowing you to experience the joy of a successful harvest without the frustration of unmet expectations.


Why invest time and effort in reproducing seeds that are not suitable for your specific needs?


Myfarmdubai invites you to discover the pleasure of gardening with seeds that tell a story and ensure a successful, satisfying yield. Explore the world of Organic French Lettuce Seeds from Myfarmdubai, and let your garden thrive with the richness of heritage and the promise of a flourishing harvest.

Organic French lettuce Seeds

AED25.00 Regular Price
AED15.00Sale Price
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