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Welcome to Myfarmdubai, where we bring you Organic Molokhia Seeds cultivated with a rich history and a commitment to adaptability in the vibrant climate of the UAE.


In a time when seeds were cherished heirlooms, passed down through generations like precious treasures, they held the promise of bountiful harvests, offering resilience to families in the face of challenges.

This tradition, handed down by my Grandfather, has been nurtured and adapted over the years to thrive in the unique climate of the United Arab Emirates.


At Myfarmdubai, we've taken on the responsibility of preserving and continuing this age-old practice for you. For several years in Dubai, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our seeds reach their utmost potential in your gardens.


Our seeds are not just seeds; they are storytellers. They carry within them the life history of the plants that bore them. From the type of soil they grew in to the climate they endured, their resilience against diseases and pests, and their response to water conditions—our seeds are specifically adapted to your local context and gardening practices.


In a world where access to such carefully transmitted seeds is becoming increasingly rare, many of us turn to garden centers or specialized stores for our seed needs. However, it's essential to realize that even with organic seeds, the origin of the parent plants can significantly impact their adaptability to your specific environment.


Seeds sourced from plants grown in entirely different pedoclimatic conditions may struggle to reach their full potential in your garden. This mismatch can lead to a sense of disappointment and frustration, as your efforts may not yield the expected results.


At Myfarmdubai, we invite you to break away from this cycle of trial and error. Our Organic Molokhia Seeds are not just a product; they are a promise—a promise to provide you with seeds that are attuned to your unique gardening circumstances. By choosing our seeds, you are investing in a legacy of adaptation, resilience, and the assurance of a successful harvest in the diverse and dynamic climate of the UAE.


Say goodbye to disappointment and embrace the legacy of organic, locally adapted seeds with Myfarmdubai. Let your garden flourish with the authenticity of seeds that carry the wisdom of generations and are tailored to thrive in your specific environment.

Organic Molokhia Seeds

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