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Organic Purple Wild Basil Seeds from Myfarmdubai.


In the past, the seeds of flowers, fruits and local vegetables were passed down

from generation to generation, like treasures.

Particularly adapted to their terroir, these seeds received as a heritage were the promise of a beautiful harvest often saving and nourishing, which guaranteed a certain resilience to the family.

This is what my Grandfather provided me and which I have adapted for several years to the climate of the UAE.

With Myfarmdubai we have been doing this work for you for several years in Dubai, so that our seeds give their best potential.

The seeds are specially adapted to your climatic context as to your way of gardening, because they carry within them the life story of the plant that gave birth to them:
in what soil it grew, in what climate, how it did in the face of disease or pest attacks, lack of or excess water ...

Rare are those who, nowadays, still have access to this kind of seeds transmitted preciously step by step.

So we go to a garden center, to a specialized store to get seeds.
And even in the case of organic seeds, we often forget that some of these seeds come from plants that have grown in pedoclimatic contexts completely different from the one
in which we want them to germinate and grow.

Consequently, these seeds will not necessarily be adapted to the context in which they are going to be sown.
They will not develop to their full potential making you feel like a failure.

There is no point in wanting at all costs to reproduce the seeds of a plant which, in fact,
is not suitable for you, it would be a lot of effort for a very disappointing result!

Organic Purple Wild Basil Seeds

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