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Discover the authentic and organic Toscana kale seeds from Myfarmdubai – a precious link to the agricultural traditions of the past. In a time when seeds were cherished as valuable treasures, passed down through generations, these seeds were more than just a means to a harvest; they symbolized resilience and the promise of nourishment.


Rooted in their terroir, these heritage seeds were tailor-made for their environment, ensuring a bountiful yield that sustained families. This agricultural legacy, bestowed upon us by our ancestors, holds a unique significance – a tradition that I inherited from my Grandfather and have meticulously adapted to thrive in the distinctive climate of the UAE over the years.


At Myfarmdubai, we have been committed to preserving this rich heritage and doing the hard work for you. Our Toscana kale seeds have been carefully cultivated in Dubai, honed to suit the local climate and cater to your specific gardening methods.

They carry within them the life story of the plants that bore them – the soil they grew in, the climate they endured, their resilience against diseases and pests, and how they coped with variations in water supply.


In an era where such precious seeds are becoming increasingly rare, we often find ourselves relying on garden centers or specialized stores for our seed supply. Even with organic seeds, it's easy to overlook the fact that they may come from plants that thrived in entirely different pedoclimatic conditions than our own.


Planting these seeds without considering their origin can lead to disappointing results. They may not adapt well to your specific context, hindering their full potential and leaving you feeling like a gardening enthusiast facing unnecessary challenges.


Myfarmdubai strives to break away from this pattern by providing you with seeds that are not only organic but also adapted to the unique conditions of Dubai.


Our Toscana kale seeds ensure that you can cultivate a thriving garden that aligns seamlessly with your environment, ultimately leading to a successful and satisfying gardening experience. Embrace the legacy of the past with Myfarmdubai's authentic Toscana kale seeds – the key to a flourishing and resilient garden in the UAE.

Organic Toscana kale Seeds

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