Workshop at our Farm in Dubai


Workshop at our farm in Dubai, Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener (very limited group workshop 10 people maximum)


Farm tour, Activity, Tasting & Gifts :

- Visit of our Sustainable farm in Dubai,We will explain how grow vegetables in the desert .

- We will answer to your questions and support you for your Garden.

Instructions for planting,pest control, harvesting....

- Activity in link with Farming and Gardening .We will help you to be autonomous in your garden.

- Harvesting and tasting discovery of our special varieties.


About More from our Farmer :

Born in a farm in France, he draws from the farming world the intuitive knowledge of the living and precious ancient know-how.
Invested in the permaculture environment for almost 10 years, he has collaborated with doctors, researchers ... in France and the UAE.
He will put all his experience at your service.
From an early age, children can take part in gardening workshops, a fun way to observe, understand and respect nature and the environment.
This activity brings a lot to the children provided of course to offer workshops relevant and adapted to their age.
Gardening allows children to discover the cycle of life: we sow, we water, the seed germ and then grows before reproducing.
Children will marvel at a blooming flower or a fruit that they see ripen day by day. And then picking (finally!).
Gardening is also a way to introduce children to the richness of nature, biodiversity and the ecosystem and to make them aware of the importance of all these aspects of life.
Gardening also rhymes with citizenship: this activity helps to empower children and teach them respect for nature.
In practice, a gardening workshop offers children the privilege of creating their own garden. They will not be satisfied then to help mum and dad to maintain theirs!
Our goal is to help the environment by using 0 insecticides, fungicides or others.
As gardeners and descendants of a farming family, we recognize that we live in a harsh desert climate.but there are ecological solutions and easy to implement to be able in his daily better and eat local, 100% organic.
So we go during Adult Workshops to help restore sick plants or flowers, explain how to garden while protecting Nature.

Adult Workshops at our Farm in Dubai