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About Us

Myfarm dubai was created to allow everyone to start to consume and use real organic products, in short circuit because all produced in Dubai.

Our mission is to spread knowledge about growing plants using 100% sustainable and sustainable methods and techniques.

Our goal is to help the environment by using 0 insecticides, fungicides or others.
As gardeners ourselves, and descendant of farmer family we recognize that we live in a harsh desert climate
but there are ecological solutions and easy to implement to be able in his daily to eat better and local.

That's why everything we do is personally tested and tested for several years on European soil but also UAE.
We also set up a personal consultation in your garden or farm to help you look after your plants or start your garden.

Gardening is an ideal pastime for young and old alike.
At our workshops we particularly like to focus on the young people to teach them and communicate everything to them.

Even if you are a beginner, do not worry ...

Mohammed Aissaoui

Owner / Specialist of Organic Garden and Permaculture

He talks about us :

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