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The Benefits Of Pollen

Bzz ... Bee and beehive products are renowned for their many health benefits. Pollen and its virtues on our well-being? Myfarmdubai explains to you.

Concretely, pollen is the male seed of the flower. ”Bees transport the grains of male flowers to female flowers so that pollination can take place, which is essential for plant reproduction.

In passing, they add nutrients and enzymes that make it a unique product.

Vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, essential amino acids (no less than 27), lactoferments, polyphenols, proteins, glucose, fibers: this is one of the best natural superfoods there is.

What are its nutritional advantages?

Depending on the floral origin, the pollen provides 50 to 60% of carbohydrates, 15 to 30% of proteins, many minerals, various antioxidants (vitamins, carotenoids, polyphenols).

It helps fight against fatigue, strengthens the defenses, promotes good intestinal transit, helps maintain skin and vision in particular. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is also used to improve the memory of the elderly.

The pollen can also be sprinkled on a salad, a muesli.

The benefits of pollen :

Thanks to its powerfully revitalizing effect, we recommend the pollen to asthenic (tired) or convalescent people.

Its phytonutrients, with protective properties, also make it a perfect food for stimulating the immune system and helping to slow down aging.

Pollen also nourishes the microbiota and regulates intestinal functions. "

Prevention of winter infections (flu, cold ...) thanks to its slight antibiotic effect.

The pollen balls can be chewed or diluted in fruit juice, preferably in the morning.

We usually do two annual cures at the change of season.

10g / day for 12 days


Bee pollen is contraindicated for people with allergies.

We hope you found this article useful

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