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Add to your basket Microgreen Shisho greenh x 18pc
If you want more quantity put 2, it will make you 36pc..


How do I use them? They are best consumed raw in Microgreen Salads, as an addition to smoothies or for a flavor and nutritional boost to your regular salads and sandwiches. Due to their delicate form, they cannot tolerate intense heat and cooking preparations though they can be added as a garnish or to be added only at the finishing of a cooked meal.


Eat fresh, local and seasonal with our organic vegetables from MyFarmdubai.

Following the season, growing in our fertile organic soil, we harvest for you at the last minute and send your order straight away to keep the vitamins and minerals. 


Get ready for the real taste!

Choosing your food means ensuring a diet full of freshness, flavors and nutrients.
Organic foods have more vitamin C, more fiber, more iron, more magnesium, manganese....

Organic foods are more nutritious because Organic agricultural crops are not subjected to chemicals. ..
The benefits of organic products are incomparable and our health says thank you!

It is also supporting our sustainable Farm project here, we have decided to cultivate the land in respect of the environment without using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, nor genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

MyFarm is producing our own Heirlooms  seeds adapted to the local env after many years to grow in the desert with less energy! 

This contributes to the development of the local economy and constitutes a solidarity investment.


Bon appétit !



Microgreen Shisho green x 18pc